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Fighting Fantazine is a fan magazine originally based on the Fighting Fantasy range of gamebooks first published in 1982 by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. It was launched in late 2009 and is still going strong.

It focusses both on the worlds those Fighting Fantasy adventures are set in, especially the fantasy world of Titan, and also looks at the real life creators behind the range and investigating the books themselves in depth. The aim of the magazine is to be an outlet for the more creative interests of Fighting Fantasy fandom, such as illustrating and writing, as well as making room for more light-hearted or academic analysis of the books and their fictional creations.

More recently the magazine has widened its gaze to include gamebooks of all stripes and denominations, from classic series such as Lone Wolf and Choose Your Own Adventure, through to more recent titles like Destiny Quest and modern electronic series such as Gamebook Adventures.


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Не следует забывать, что ссылки на скачивание прямые, поэтому нажимать их надо правой кнопкой мыши.

Граф Страд: Если долго сидеть на берегу реки, мимо обязательно проплывет труп ван Рихтена.
Дракон Златолюб: Другими словами, вы не в силах пересечь бегущую воду, но стесняетесь в этом признаться.
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Опубликован 11-ый номер журнала

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Опубликован 13-ый номер журнала Fighting Fantasy Fan Magazine, как обычно на английском Smile
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Each issue brings to its readership the lastest gamebook news from around the world and reviews of recent releases, alongside which are presented interviews with the authors and illustrators who brought us various gamebook adventures over the years. In addition, an original, roughly 200 reference gamebook adventure is published in each issue along with matching original artwork. The rest of each issue is filled with a mixture of individual columns, fiction, and articles looking at gamebooks through a variety of lenses from serious to silly.

The actual magazine comes in two flavours, a free, downloadable, pdf copy which can be obtained from this site (see the Downloads section) and a limited number of printed hard copies for those who still enjoy the paper and pen experience of gamebooks (see the Store for ordering information and prices).

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Если кто следит, то:

Issue #14 (January 2015)

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Рейтинг всех книг FF в каком номере был ?

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Ссылки из первого поста только у меня не работают ?

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Ссылки устарели, да. Все номера журнала тут: http://www.fightingfantazine.co.uk/back.html

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Кстати они ищут материал для нового выпуска : http://fightingfantazine.proboards.com/thread/488/issue-16-october

We covered the history of French gamebooks in issue #3, the German in #9, Italian in #12, and have articles about the history of Portuguese/Brazllian and Spanish gamebooks being looked at. Plus, we try to cover foreign gamebooks in our news section. If you have news on non-English gamebooks being published (anything since Jan 2015) then you should let me know so I can try and squeeze it into the news section.

Beyond that, if you want to talk about non-English gamebooks, you have to find a "hook" to hang an article on. You can’t just say these books have been published (that’s what the news section is for) or that they’re great (that’s what the reviews section is for). You need to find something to talk about in an essay-sort-of-way. ie. Find something that thematically links the books. If they’re non-Enlighs books, perhaps find something in them all that speaks to the social thoughts/concerns of that culture. (i.e.. (and this is a ludicrous example that I’ve made up off the top of my head) French gamebooks are really concerned about food and you’d do an article looking at examples of this and the implications/ramifications)

I hope I’m making sense.

Если есть желающие, то можно попытаться написать им статью про историю русских книг-игр или обзор на одну из наших книг.

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Теперь ссылка на журналы выглядит так : http://www.fightingfantazine.co.uk/page/